As an independent Managing General Underwriter with cover holder binding authorities for major Lloyd’s syndicates and global and domestic company markets.

Originally found in 1997 as Global Excess Partners, we joined the H.W. Kaufman Group in 2013 and became RB Jones 2022.

We offer full underwriting services to the wholesale and retail broker network and our product range includes Middle-Market Property, Flood, Terrorism, Large Property, Builders Risks, and Wind/Hail buydown. Additionally, we provide access to specialist markets for Inland Marine & Energy coverages such as Motor Truck Cargo & Automobile Physical Damage.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can provide an insurance solution for most types of occupancy classes, written on a primary or excess basis.

Our underwriting office is based in New York City, and we are licensed throughout the United States.

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Middle Market Property

Designed for Accounts with TIV up to $1.5 billion and underwritten through leading Lloyd’s syndicates and European Carrier partners, RB Jones Property has exclusive access to risk capital not available to others.

Our capacity is up to $10 million with primary, quota share & excess positions, with our average line being $2.5 million to $5 million.

We offer AAIS policy forms as our standard policy cover. However, we will accept manuscript wordings (subject to review) should the risk require.

Additionally, Following Form Excess and DIC policy forms are acceptable and we can following most other carriers underlying wordings.

Preferred Occupancies Include:
Manufacturing & Assembly, Wholesale & Retail, Real Estate, Condominium & Homeowner Associations, Healthcare & Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Financial Institutions.

Middle Market Property is only available to approved wholesale brokers.

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Large Property

Designed for Accounts with TIV of over $1 billion and underwritten through leading Lloyd’s syndicates and European Carrier partners we offer excess capacity solutions in 1st and 2nd excess layers on structured risk placements.

Our minimum attachment is usually $25 million however we will consider attaching at $10 million for account that do not have any manufacturing or storage exposures.

Our available capacity is up to $25 million for non-catastrophic exposed risks reducing to $10 million for catastrophically exposed locations.

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Builder Risks

Underwritten on behalf of our London based partners we offer capacity for most types of builders or erection risks. We don’t have project specific exclusions but given the wide range of types of projects we thoroughly review the project documents and can provide a solution in most instances.

Our capacity is up to $100 million, for a maximum of 36 month projects consisting of masonry noncombustible (or better) construction and up to $12.5 million, for a maximum of 24 month projects for frame or joisted masonry projects.

We can accept risk in any part of the United State and do not have catastrophe exposure limits. We offer a standard policy coverage (endorsed for project specific) and we prefer to write the complete project exposure.

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Underwritten with leading Lloyd’s syndicates, we can offer capacity on a Primary, Quota Share, or Excess basis and offer limits of $10 million or higher.

We can attach in excess of NFIP limits or as a replacement and offer Flood specific policy coverage, peril carve-outs or on a DIC/ DIL basis of most other carriers.

We can offer capacity on most types of commercial and residential occupancies and can accept Flood exposures for Builders Risk projects.

We accept risk exposures in the United States of America or Canada and do not have specific flood zone limitations.

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Inland Marine & Energy

We can provide underwriting access to various Lloyd’s syndicates who can provide solutions for various classes of Inland Marine & Energy Insurance including:
Motor Truck Cargo, Auto Physical Damage, Auto Dealer Floorplan

Capacity does vary but we can access up to $5 million when in a primary position or up to $30 million when in an excess position.

This is a dynamic market segment and is constantly evolving.


Underwritten on behalf of our Lloyds underwriting partner, this facility is designed to offer a more comprehensive terrorism insurance product than the available “mandated” Federal Government coverage and this often considerable cheaper.
We can offer up to $50 million capacity and we issue this on a standalone basis (we do not have to write the associated property exposures) and can accept on a primary of excess basis.

Highlights: Cover provides for Sabotage and Terrorism
Contract certainty – a claim tested product
Cover for acts perpetrated by US and/or Foreign Nationals (Certified and non Certified)
Cover for US and International locations
Meets lender requirements
Follow form

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RB Jones Leadership


Brendan K. Cook

Vice President and Managing Director

Brendan Cook is Vice President and Managing Director at RB Jones, where he leads the Property Insurance business, overseeing its growth strategy, product development and operations.

He focuses on capitalizing on the company’s wide range of specialty insurance products including Middle Market & Large Property facilities as well as products such as Flood, Terrorism and Wind.

Brendan joined RB Jones in 2017 as Vice President and head of Middle Market Underwriting operations and was quickly appointed to lead RB Jones in 2018.

He is known for expanding the organization’s underwriting appetite, improving team efficiencies, and defining clear objectives and strategies to enable faster response to business partners, producers, and insurance brokers.

He brings over 35 years of experience from both the United States and his native Australia. He has held various roles within the insurance industry notably at QBE North America, WR Berkley & General Reinsurance in Sydney, Australia.


Carolyn Reiter

Associate Vice President and Associate Managing Director

Carolyn Reiter joined RB Jones in September 2014 as an underwriter in the Middle Market facility. She has progressed into a management role where her responsibilities include training new underwriters, refining underwriting appetite, and marketing to key producers.

Carolyn leads RB Jones Middle Market facility. She is focused on profitable growth of the facility and is involved on an individual risk level as well as overall portfolio management.

Prior to joining RB Jones, Carolyn worked as a retail broker at Crystal & Company. She earned her CPCU designation in 2018. Carolyn is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.